Saturday, June 13, 2015

What is Version Control?

What is Version Control?

As the name suggests it is a mechanism to control the versions (older/current). Consider it like a database which stores the copy of the copy at various times in life (snapshots). It gives the difference between two snapshots in time. Also it helps to do development in parallel on the same codebase.

To make it simple, VCS (Version Control System) hold copies of the code at various times on life. Consider it just like a photo album which contains your pic at various times in life. You can readily compare two pics and see the change in height/weight/hair etc in two images. Same is VCS.

Benefits of Version Control?

1. Group Work

Imagine a world without VCS. You would be working on a shared excel file. Who writes what and what happens to the data, is unknown even to God. A maintenance nightmare. With VCS these maintenance issues are taken care of. All code, revisions, everything at a central location.

2. Versioning

With VCS we maintain the versions over the time. Old copy of the code can be retrieved at a later date. We can come to know who changed what and can restore the code in case of bad changes.

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