Friday, June 19, 2015

AWS Lambda: Introduction

AWS Lambda (Amazon Web Services Lambda) is a service that manages compute resources and runs the code within milliseconds of trigger. Say if someone uploads an image from an app. Applications running using AWS are able to run the code almost real time.

We can also create back-end services and trigger compute resources automatically (w/o direct user input). 

One has to pay as per the compute time and requests served. This sounds a good thing for small entities looking to build applications without provisioning infrastructure. For web/mobile applications handling huge traffic, AWS claims to process within milliseconds. 

You can try it put for free. AWAS Lambda offers 1,000,000 requests and upto 3.2 millions seconds for free. 

With the trust of Amazon, this seems to be an interesting option.

Best is that there is no need to buy custom hardware and keep it (even when it is idle). If you are starting up your startup, best is to take advantage of AWS Lambda. This is real time (almost) and highly cost effective.

Write the code and upload the code. Everything else is taken care of. It has fault-tolerant with multiple redundancies of data built-in. You can write your code in Java. 

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