Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pivotal Gemfire: Introduction

Pivotal Gemfire was earlier known as VMware Gemfire, is an
enterprise caching platform used across the industry. Most avid user of Gemfire are investment banks where availability of data means money.

Gemfire is like a Distributed Data Grid. It pools in memory of multiple processes  and maintains the application level cache. Gemfire provides three most sought after things, availability of data, reliability of data and manageability of large data.


It works by creating partition regions (where data is stored a Maps). Regions are created inside the process heap memory itself. The regions are partitioned to store chunks of data separately. These partitions are then replicated to introduce redundancy in case of some failure.

In case of Failure

If any one node fails, recovery of data takes place immediately. Meanwhile, user can get a seamless experience due to fail-over to replicated region.


In Gemfire, Each node connects to all other peers directly. It also supports Clients of this Distribute System. Clients can have their own local cache which can get updates from server if and when any data changes.

There is no single point of failure in Gemfire which is very critical these day. Also very high throughput systems can be built using Gemfire.

Next we will read about various technical aspects of Gemfire.

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