Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Java 9: Coming in 2016 in Computers near you!

Below is the proposed schedule for Java 9 as per Oracle. It is on track for Sep 2016 release.

10th Dec 2015
All Features Implemented
4th Feb 2016
Run all planned Tests on all supported platforms
25th Feb 2016
Scrutiny. P1-P3 bugs fixed
21st Apr 2016
All bug backlogs started clearing. 
16th Jun 2016
Only Showstopper bugs fixed. And new bug deferred to next release.
21st Jul 2016
Final Release Candidate submitted for testing.
22nd Sep 2016
Ready for production. Final release.

Major changes targeted

1. A common logging system for all JVM components.
2. Javac annotations pipeline to be redesigned.
3. Better the contended Java Monitors. Faster Notify/NotifyAll/Monitor exit.
4. Capability to validate JVM input command line flat arguments.
5. Remove mJRE feature which helped selection of JRE at runtime.
6. Applications running with Security Manager to be improved in performance.

There is  a long list of features apart from the above mentioned. Read here More about Java 9

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