Saturday, June 20, 2015

Story behind naming of JAVA

Have you ever wondered what does JAVA stands for? What is the full form? Who named it? Well, time to quell the anxieties. As per James Gosling, the story goes something like.

Initially the working title was named 'Oak', randomly on a oak tree outside the office. When it came to legalities, Trademark Lawyers found it infeasible. The product was ready. But now they were left without a name to package it.

Without time or resources to spend on naming the product, a naming consultant locked a dozen of the team members into a room and start asking questions, "How does this product makes you feel like?". Obvious answer was excited!. Then the question, "What else makes you feel the same?" Coffee! Java! After a lot of questions and lots of answers, they prepared a list, which was send to the lawyers for vetting.

Initial names like 'Silk' was rejected. The fourth on the list, 'Java' was approved. The very next option and Gosling's favourite was 'Lyric'. How would you have liked to work on LYRIC?

As per Gosling, he can't be sure who shouted JAVA during the session, but his best guess is Mark Opperman.

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